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He will run half a marathon barefoot in el Paso, Texas, sponsored by Technology HUB

A light rain began to fall when Mr. Andrés Soto arrived at the HUBmedia office in Technology HUB for the interview. He’d arrived on foot, dressed in a simple sports outfit, a cap and a backpack. He kindly greeted us by saying: "Nice to meet you, I'm Andrés 'El motorcito' ...
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Presentan Red Juárez Emprende: Director de Operaciones de Technology HUB es Presidente

El 15 de enero de 2018 se llevó a cabo la presentación oficial de la Red Juárez Emprende, en las instalaciones de la FECHAC. Esta red tiene como objetivo apoyar a los empresarios y emprendedores juarenses y así impulsar la economía de la ciudad, sobre todo en el ramo ...
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Tips to generate less waste in your workplace

Have you seen the pictures of the oceans filled with trash? Did you know that if we don’t do something about it soon there will be more plastic than fish in the sea? Producing less waste in your workplace is not only eco-friendly but also cost effective. The following are ...
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What is a unicorn startup?

In an entrepreneurial ecosystem, a unicorn is not really a horse with a horn coming out of its forehead, but it is a very special creature and extremely difficult to find. A unicorn startup is a company valued in more than 1 billion dollars.The term was coined by investor Aileen Lee, ...
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Pros and cons of being a freelancer

Thanks to globalization and the growth in telecommunications, freelancing has become more popular; it is mentioned in magazines and in many internet articles but what is it really about? A freelancer, or independent professional, is a person who offers services to one or several companies without having to make a long-term ...
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Coworking: Independence and Community

Imagine a beautifully decorated place, complete with a kitchen, all the coffee you want, enough chairs and desks, a good internet connection, conference rooms and front desk service; imagine being able to interact with professionals like you, with similar interests, and with whom you can bounce ideas around while making ...
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