By: Gilberto Miranda

Fundacion AXCEL A.C. was established in 2013 by initiative of a group of entrepreneurs with the concern to make a positive difference in the community, supporting the most disadvantaged people. Starting last year, the association redirected its efforts in promoting entrepreneurship and innovation projects in Ciudad Juarez and the border region.

“What we do is to support the entrepreneurial community to promote innovative projects that have a positive impact on the economy of the area and that this in turn affects the quality of life of people,” said Nancy Estrada, Executive Director of Fundacion AXCEL A.C.

The activities coordinated by the foundation are developed within the Technology Hub and are focused on enabling entrepreneurs to develop their business ideas into action. During the process they acquire knowledge and develop skills and abilities that increase their chances of success.

“We hope that if an entrepreneur succeeds in realizing his business idea, he will later collaborate actively in his community and will generate decent and quality jobs,” said the executive director.