Fulfilling virtual reality projects in the construction Industry facilitates customers’ decision making, before building the project.

The main idea of VRETCH is to become a tool for architects, constructors and the entire manufacture industry, focused on 3D design, programming and virtual reality. They design immersive spaces to visualize projects and have a direct interaction with objects through virtual reality technology.

Within the architectural process plans, scale model and render. However, the process can be streamlined through virtual reality, reducing time and saving money. Moreover, having a virtual way of immerse in the project, facilitates the customers’ decision making, before construction.

“At this moment we are looking to enter the construction Industry, together with engineers, architects and interiors’ designers. We want to be a design platform in virtual reality for customers to easily see the project they have in mind,” said Santiago Martinez, general director at VRTECH.

Using this technology will generate great savings, as errors could be avoided which generate more work and investment in materials. The solution before generating the problem could be supplied through virtual reality and this way defining with precision the architectural project.

This also involves interiors designers, as they can generate environments inside the project’s virtual reality which favors offering a better presentation for customers.

The process of using virtual reality inside the construction industry is a process that has to be understood. This means, understanding which the benefits of investing in this technology are. On the other hand, customers have to be convinced that evolution indicates that in a long term, virtual reality is the most efficient way of generating a high cost project.