It is important to invest in artificial intelligence to generate more growth in different aspects of society

The recent creation of the Artificial Intelligence Cluster Ciudad Juarez has aroused the interest to develop the talent required to offer highly qualified personnel to the industry.

The Fab Lab, located inside the Technology Hub facilities, offered a course about artificial intelligence, for those that want to be at the forefront of the industry globally.

The artificial intelligence is a very complex concept because includes issues as philosophy, psychology, linguistics and neurosciences. In the beginning it is important to know the concept of intelligence according to Marcos Barraza, course facilitator at the Fab Lab, is the capability of reasoning the environment and its elements.

  “The uses of artificial intelligence are many and varied. The important thing is to make the machine understand the environment in which it is located, that understands the language, that interprets the images and thus, later, the machine by itself will have the ability of interact. The objective is to correctly manage the perceptrons (that form an artificial neuronal network that emulates the thinking of human beings) through mathematics algorithms,” said Marcos Barraza. 

Currently, we interact in a natural manner with artificial intelligence systems. To give an example, when conducting a search on the Internet. Even, practically all mobile devices memorize the orders we give and based on that make suggestions.

“We have to invest in artificial intelligence to recover the lost ground. In the United States there are many highly qualified Mexican programmers. In a near future, the countries that develop artificial intelligence better will have greater growth,” Barraza explained.