RESET is one of the Largest binational event from the border area between Cd. Juárez, Chih.- El Paso, TX. during the Global Entrepreneurship Week.

This event stated with the 20 investment fund that were attending at the Chihuahua Innova, in Technology HUB. Followed by a Shark Tank where 3 out of 12 projects got the much needed investment for their companies, also there was a Hackathon where teams competed to creatively solve a problem using different technologies.

Moreover, the following day hundreds of young people had the chance to attend conferences with international speakers experts in trending topics, in addition to workshops where experts in the subject got to solve their doubts and inspire them to keep innovating.

This unique event goal is to inspire young people to innovate and to become entrepreneurs. However, this couldn’t be possible without the help of our sponsors, who understand that for making a real change is necessary to invest in events like RESET, some of our sponsors are: Transtelco, Fundación Axcel, Black Labs, Technology HUB, among others.

During the inauguration, Ricardo Mora CEO of Technology HUB gave thanks to our Sponsors that make RESET possible.

To our Sponsors: Thank you for believing in us and invest in an innovating future! A RESET Future!

We keep #Connecting Minds.