A light rain began to fall when Mr. Andrés Soto arrived at the HUBmedia office in Technology HUB for the interview. He’d arrived on foot, dressed in a simple sports outfit, a cap and a backpack. He kindly greeted us by saying: "Nice to meet you, I'm Andrés 'El motorcito' Soto".

He was born in Aguascalientes (in north-central Mexico) but has lived in Ciudad Juárez most of his life. Mr. Soto began his sports career in 1969 by boxing as part of his training. After 6 years he had to leave the practice due to an eye injury, but he kept running and competing until 2013. "On December 11, that year, my wife underwent spine surgery. I asked God to take 50% of my strength and give it to her; I made him a promise and now I run barefoot."

Even after his wife’s recovery, Andrés continues to run, now also in support of children with disabilities and people with cancer. He told us he gets up every day at 4 am to train and eats a well balanced diet; he even recommended some exercises for health improvement.

The half marathon will be held this Sunday, February 18 in El Paso, Texas, at 7 am. Last year, runners from 4 countries participated. “If it snows on that day it doesn’t matter, I will still run” Mr. Soto said referring to the race, “but if it rains it will be better”; he says water helps lower the temperature in his feet and legs. “I will try to make the best possible time”.

Before leaving Mr. Soto said to us: “This one goes for you who support me”.

For more details about the half marathon you can click here

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