This laboratory has the technology and materials to fulfill quality prototypes

In Mexico there are 13 certified FAB LABs, Juarez has already been officially recognized worldwide. FAB LAB Juarez, located inside the facilities of Technology Hub, is a fast prototype laboratory with an educational vision and it is open to the community.

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Martes 4 de Julio, 2017

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One of the objectives is learning, not only is it about generating income immediately, but also acquiring knowledge and knowing how digital manufacturing processes are carried out and mastering the tools used in the production process.

“The main processes carried out at FAB LAB Juarez are 3D printing, 3D scanners, laser cutting, designing into vectors and the machine follows the pattern designed to make a precise cut,” said Samuel Badillo, innovation specialist and manager of FAB LAB Juarez.

The facilities are open to general public; all those who want to develop a product using the tools that are there.

“We invite you to come to the facilities to see what they can develop here. The use of the FAB LAB Juarez tools has a monthly cost for external persons of $1,000.00 pesos per month; for Technology Hub tenants the price is $800 pesos per month and for students with a valid credential it is $600 pesos per month. This includes the input and use of all available equipment, as well as induction and advice for the use of equipment. The material always has an extra cost as required. FAB LAB Juarez will also implement an open schedule, for 12 hours a week will be able to use these tools without a membership, only paying the material used.”

On the other hand, it is planned to set up a schedule where all people can use the facilities of FAB LAB Juarez at no cost, only paying the material used or bringing the material itself.

There are 13 FAB LABs throughout the country; Juarez was officially recognized in March 2017. The process to make FAB LAB official is to be officially recognized by other three from different parts of the world; Juarez was recognized by FAB LAB Leon, Spain; FAB LAB Barcelona, Spain and FAB LAB Lima, Peru.